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An excellent drawing tool for Android


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SketchBook Express is, as the name suggests, a sketchbook for Android that's developed by Autodesk. The app lets you draw smoothly on the screen of your Android using your finger or a digital pen.

The work interface in SketchBook Express offers all the tools and features you could ask for in an app of this kind. Users are given an undo and redo button, along with a panel that shows the different active layers. And, of course, there are loads of different drawing tools: paint brushes, pencils, markers, blending stumps, etc.

The best thing about the drawing tools included in SketchBook Express is that you can customize them as desired. You can change the size and intensity of each tool in order to produce a variety of results. Furthermore, as expected, you have a whole palette of colors at your disposal.

Another feature that makes SketchBook Express an excellent drawing tool is that the interface auto-hides when it gets in your way. In other words, if you're drawing a line and are about to run into the interface, it will automatically disappear. These small details make drawing with this app a real pleasure.

SketchBook Express is a very powerful drawing tool that's totally free to download. A great alternative for any artist looking for an app that's good, beautiful, and cheap as chips.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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